Are you a Multi Passionate Woman that has lost touch with your vibrant and sassy self?

Do you feel that you haven’t been able to truly express who you are for some time?

Well this is the place for you!

How many times have you felt:

  • Lost in a relationship…
  • Lost in your family or job responsibilities…
  • That you have more to offer but are holding back (playing small)…
  • Like you don’t have any “me” time when you are done with everything else in life!

Now, how would it feel to you if you were:

  • Ready to reclaim yourself so you can give more…
  • Ready to stop playing small…
  • Enjoying life to the fullest without feeling guilty about the “me” time you so deserve!

I am here to help you find that part of you that went missing and reclaim your fun, vibrant, sassy, sexy life!

Now I know that you are probably wondering right now…

What is a Lifegasm™ ?

It is about making love to your life and keeping it real… It is about having unrestrained excitement for living life in your own terms!!!  Lifegasms.com™ was created for the multi passionate woman who wants to keep the jumper cables connected to her confidence to boost those sexy, sensual, provocative parts of herself that occasionally get buried under the “daily grind”.

The purpose of Lifegasms™ is to help you keep yourself on track as that fearless, juicy and wise woman that you are.  You know it’s there somewhere…I know it’s there inside just waiting to emerge…let’s get together and get that part of you out in the sunlight again so you can enjoy life and everyone around you can enjoy you!

If you are a woman that is ready to pursue living life in a fun, authentic and fabu-licious way I want to help you get there.  There are a variety of ways you can have fun again and our bi-weekly radio show is one way that you can learn new, exciting, fun things that will give you the opportunity to take a new class, try out a new tactic, and relearn how to have fun in life while being fit,  vibrant, healthy, happy, sexy and sassy!

I can’t wait to join you on the journey of multiple lifegasms™!  The first thing I would love for you to do is go to the box on the upper right side of this page and download your free gift from me. You will love it!  Stay tuned to for more information on upcoming events and fun things to break you out of your rut and “jump” you back into the fun!